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    Ken Riley

    Ken Riley

    Director of Renewable Energy-Ken Riley

    Ken Riley has been entrenched in the Renewables industry for over 10 years and has a strong background in project development and construction management. Ken has over 20 years in the construction industry and has managed and developed over $100 Million in construction projects and over 15 MW of installed solar. Ken’s experience is now being utilized as Director of M Bar C’s Renewables Division. With support from the Structural division he oversees the development, design, permitting, and completion of renewable EPC projects for our Commercial, Federal, and Municipal clients. Ken holds a California Electrical Contracting license (C-10) and is currently in process of continuing his formal education in addition to obtaining a B license.

    Kens passion for renewables is fueled by his dedication to preserving resources and love for the outdoors. He splits his free time between the mountains and the Pacific. When not with friends and family, Ken spends the winter snowboarding and the summer offshore fishing and diving.

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