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    Case Studies

    Chaffey Community College District - 5.5 Megawatts

    Chaffey Community College District is considered the Largest Community College Portfolio in California.

    M Bar C Construction was a part of this project with Borrego Solar who designed the system to meet 90% of the District’s energy needs and will offset nearly 7,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually, which is the same amount offset by taking almost 1,600 cars off the road for a year.

    M Bar C built 5.5 megawatts of solar carports on parking lots across three sites: 4.4 MW at Chaffey College, 775 kilowatts (kW) at the Chino Campus and 305 kW at the Fontana campus. The solar carports are expected to produce nearly 10 million kW-hours of energy in the first year, which is the equivalent to the amount needed to power approximately 1,375 average homes in California annually.

    Chaffey’s solar projects are expected to save the District $28.5 million over the life of the project. Together the systems, completed in February 2018, represent the largest community college solar project in California.

    Palmdale School District - 7.11 MW
    M Bar C Construction was part of this 7.11 MW project with PFMG Solar, which consists of 19 campuses and provides shaded parking for over 1,625 vehicles. This system is projected to save the district approximately $25 million over a 20 year term. The lifetime CO2 reduction is estimated at 143,937 metric tons / 317,327,677 lbs.
    Gilroy Unified School District - 1.6 MW
    This 1.6 MW system was designed by Borrego Solar and is expected to save $1.5 million in energy costs over 25 years. This project is comprised of 3 solar carport structures built by M Bar C Construction, which will offset approximately 2,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually — the same amount emitted from driving five million miles in a passenger car.

    The projects will produce about 2.7 million kW-hours of energy in the first year, which is the equivalent to the amount needed to power approximately 375 average homes annually. The solar systems are sized to offset approximately 77 percent of the current electricity usage at those two schools.

    Milpitas Unified School District - 3.4 Megawatts
    Milpitas Unified School District completed a 19-site, district-wide solar and energy efficiency project designed to supply 75 percent of the district’s total annual electricity needs through solar energy.

    The 3.4-megawatt solar parking canopies and shade structures generate 100 percent of the district’s power during the summer months when California’s peak-demand electricity needs are greatest.

    The program benefits the district and school community in several ways:

    Reduced Energy Costs – The program is designed to reduce the district’s energy costs by more than 22 percent and save the district’s general fund $12 million over the life of the solar project, while providing budget predictability through known energy costs.

    Solar Energy – The solar project will reduce the district’s purchase of utility power, which in turn will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 23,600 metric tons, equivalent to planting 270 acres of trees.

    Education Programs – The project provides learning opportunities for students by having the solar panels on site as well as a kiosk that provides information about the energy the panels generate and the energy management software.

    Shade – The new solar-paneled structures provide shade for cars and people.

    Quarry Creek Affordable Multifamily Housing - 155kW
    M Bar C Construction was contracted to complete a full-scope PV system for the Quarry Creek affordable multifamily housing projects in Carlsbad, California with General Contractor, Emmerson Construction. This 15-acre property including 278 apartments, a community center, and a pool was a 5-month installation process.

    The 155kW project consists of 6 solar carports, 29 columns, 450 panels, and a non-solar carport with roof decking. These semi-cantilever structures were designed by M Bar C Construction’s Structural division to suit the needs of the complex by being costs efficient and fulfilled the required amount of covered parking spaces for the complex. Additionally, the solar carports were designed by our Renewables division to off-set over 90% of the common loads, which will, in turn, save Quarry Creek thousands of dollars. M Bar C Electric was responsible for all of the panel installation, DC wiring, inverter installations, and all commissioning.

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