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    Position: Superintendent

    Located in San Marcos, CA, M Bar C Construction provides an ultra-reliable solution for general contractors, corporate divisions, and government entities working on large scale projects. Using light and heavy gauge structural steel, we can incorporate solar efficiency into parking lot canopies, fixed and tracker system parking structure canopies, and ground-mounted units.  We’ve been doing this with great success since 1975 and are now positioned for further growth in the coming year.

    We now seek a Superintendent to coordinate all assigned construction activities to ensure that they are performed safely, within budget, in accordance with all contract documents and consistent with the M Bar C values.  Critical functions include:  Ensure safety program compliance in field operations; Ensure a comprehensive project hand-off to Foreman; Production management; Budget management; Jobsite administration compliance oversight; Quality control program compliance; Foreman training, development and performance management (set expectations; measure performance; take appropriate action); and Client management.  This key position for our on-going success will be responsible for the following:

    1. Jobsite Safety: Project Start-up
      • Conduct a pre-construction site safety examination with the Foreman to ensure all procedures and mandates will be followed, preparing him for success (review safety binder and required training).
      • Receive, review and process all safety documentation forwarded by the Foreman (incident reports, audits).
    1. Project Start-up :
      • Participate in a pre-construction meeting with the PM to review the Foreman Hand-off Work Sheet (FHWS) with the Project Manager where understanding is gained as to the project scope, options, contract documents, equipment budget, labor budget, subcontractors, labor compliance, etc. Ensure that all pertinent information is passed on to the Foreman through a comprehensive, on-site, pre-construction meeting. All project specific performance expectations must be fully understood and budgets co-established, ensuring the Foreman is aware of each component and prepared to perform to the expectations.
      • Schedule all project deliverables (equipment, labor, tools).
    1. Production
      • Create the initial Three-Week Look-ahead schedule (if required by the client) and confirm that the schedule conforms to the overall project schedule, supports the project goals as indicated on the Foreman Hand-Off Work Sheet and that the Foreman understands all that is required to successfully meet the established goals.
    1. Project Goals
      • Work with the Foreman to establish overall project goals for equipment, labor and subcontractors by thoroughly reviewing the Foreman Hand-Off Work Sheet, ensuring he understands the expectations.
      • Monitor actual performance with the Foreman on a daily basis requiring a narrative on the daily report on variances with root causes.
      • Assist the Foreman in meeting or exceeding established goals by providing mentoring and support.
    1. Project Administration (daily/weekly/end of project, as required)
      • Receive and review electronic Daily Task Report and Time Cards from the Foreman, check for accuracy. If approved, forward to the PA and Payroll. If correction is required, work with the Foreman to correct, providing clear expectations for improvement.
      • Ensure that the daily paperwork for temp employees (if applicable) is coded accurately. If correction is required, work with the Foreman to correct, providing clear expectations for improvement.
      • Ensure that the Foreman Hand-off Work Sheet has all pertinent data accurately recorded so that a final historical document is created.
      • Ensure that the project binder has been accurately completed by the Foreman with all required safety (daily JSAs; weekly tailgate meetings) and other documentation inserted and is returned to the office at the conclusion of the project.
    1. Quality Control
      • Prior to construction, review the QC Inspection Planning Checklist with the Foreman, ensuring full understanding of the inspection requirements. Review each applicable section, having the Foreman initial each area applicable to the project.
      • Follow-up with the Foreman on his required inspections on a regular basis, ensuring compliance with the requirements. Ensure the Foreman is initialing and dating each compliant inspection on the Quality Control Inspection Report – Arrays sheet(s).
      • Review the QA/QC Notes Section for non-compliance with the Foreman and discuss the correction plan.
      • Upon completion, perform a final QC walk with the Foreman (and client, if practicable) ensuring all QC documentation is correct and provide a final sign off of the project.
    1. Leadership
      • Responsible for leadership, mentoring and coaching for Foremen and crew members with respect to the Company Values and their representation of M Bar C Construction.
      • Responsible for the professional growth of the Foremen on the projects assigned.
      • Responsible for leading the Foremen to successful performance of all project expectations. 


    Education / Experience:  High school graduate or equivalent with 5+ years experience as supervisor in a government/DSA/military construction or related industry or equivalent work experience.  Prefer 10 years in the Construction field.  Must possess a valid California Driver’s License and be insurable by M Bar C

    Licensing/Registration/Certifications held:  OSHA 30, CPR / First Aid, Equipment / Rigger Certifications

    Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

    • High commitment to safety and possesses the ability to quickly assess a site and recognize potential hazards when approaching.
    • Ability to assess Foreman’s commitment to safety and ability level to perform to expectations and to take appropriate action, if necessary.
    • Quickly and confidently audit each site visited for safety compliance and adherence to the approved and established safety program.
    • Read, analyze and interpret engineering drawings in order to assist the Foreman in all aspects of completing the construction to the specified design.
    • Is committed to the M Bar C project hand-off process and ensures that each project begins with a formal hand-off. Superintendent has the ability to mentor and coach the Foreman in labor and equipment budgets utilizing the Foreman Hand-Off Spread Sheet (provided by the Project Manager) and to lead them in co-establishing budget goals, analyzing actual vs budget data and forecasting projected performance.
    • Leads the Foreman in pre-planning the project to ensure that all expectations are met or exceeded.
    • Responds to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, and members of the business community.
    • Excellent knowledge of the Company’s core business.
    • Basic knowledge of labor laws to ensure compliance.
    • Competent in construction math in order to assist the Foreman with layout, elevations and grades.
    • Possesses the communication skills necessary to clearly provide information and to listen well while discerning whether the communication was properly received and understood by the Foreman.
    • Keeps up with the current status on all assigned projects (safety, scope changes, quality) and can effectively communicate that status to the General Superintendent and Project Manager in a timely fashion.
    • Strong multi-task skills to effectively control the performance on multiple projects.
    • Assist Foremen in training apprentices and analyzing their ability to safely perform their duties.
    • Performs pre-engineering walk with client to identify the impacts that existing site conditions (existing utilities, striping, ADA access, etc.) have related to post locations/lengths, cantilever lengths and clear height.
    • Works collaboratively with the Estimating Department in analyzing repair requests with a site visit, assessment of existing conditions and to generate an accurate list of the materials, equipment and labor required to perform the repair.
    • Regularly required to stand for prolonged periods of time. May also be required to walk for long periods of time while completing other duties and responsibilities.
    • Must have a full range of body movements including the use of hands to finger, handle, and feel objects such as construction nuts and bolts and hand-held computer devises. The ability to bend the body, to reach for objects, and to crouch when needed are also required.
    • Frequently required to lift heavy objects up to 50 pounds and occasionally be in uncomfortable positions
    • Works primarily outdoors in a construction environment where may encounter varying weather conditions and temperatures. Normal auto travel hazards will apply. Travel will be in all types of weather including heavy rain and below freezing temperatures with snow conditions.

    M Bar C Construction is an EEO employer and embraces diversity in our workforce.  The company does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any status or condition protected by applicable federal, state, or local municipal laws.

    M Bar C Construction is Veteran friendly and encourages our military veterans to consider us as an Employer of Choice.

    Everyone wants to work for an employer that sets themselves apart from the rest of the field.  The 2015 Top 500 North American Solar Contractors shows M Bar C Construction as #8 in Construction, #16 in California, and #45 across all of North America.  Come make a difference and be part of a team that cares about the quality of what they make.  With core values like Family, Integrity, Commitment, and Quality, you’ll be part of something unique in the field of Construction.  Make your mark by joining M Bar C Construction.

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