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    Position: Sales and Marketing Administrator

    Scope of Position:

    • The basic function of the Sales and Marketing Administrator is to assist in planning, controlling and executing all matters relating to the sales and marketing department for the company.
    • Assist in defining strategies and plan implementation that support divisional sales directives.
    • The Sales and Marketing Administrator is responsible for corporate branding, marketing campaigns, tracking of online activities and coordinating marketing tasks.

    Reporting Relationships:

    • The Sales and Marketing Administrator reports directly to, and is fully accountable to the Director of Sales & Marketing.

    Job Requirements:

    • Education
      • Required:  High School Diploma
      • Preferred:  Associates Degree or Higher
    • A minimum of 2 years of experience in increasing levels of marketing support.
    • Valid driver’s license. (Approved driving record required per company policy)
    • Availability to travel when required. (Travel periods vary between 1-5 business days)
    • A working knowledge of marketing and tracking results (Preferred construction knowledge)
    • A preferred working knowledge of the below soft wares.
      • Microsoft Office Products
      • Sales Force Sales Tracking software
      • Pro Est Estimating Software
    • Abilities, Skill, and Knowledge
      • Demonstrated ability to track competitor activities and market changes.
      • Ability to support and manage web based marketing strategies.
      • Ability to create and adjust marketing plans according to market movement and response to campaigns.
      • Produce clear and concise written correspondence. (Letters and emails)
      • Produce branded marketing communications (Flyers, brochures, press releases and trade show projects)
      • Understand, value and respond accordingly to internet analytics and marketing campaigns.
    •  Physical
      • Capable of sitting, standing, and bending
      • Must have a neat, clean, and professional personal appearance
      • Travel is required
      • The physical demands are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of his/her job.
      • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
    • Planning and Time Utilization
      • Meets scheduled deadlines to achieve established M Bar C corporate goals and objectives
      • Shows ability to consistently recognize and deal with priorities based on department objectives
      • Demonstrates the capacity to anticipate the impact of the changing business environment and makes adjusts marketing and sales plans accordingly
      • Maintains an organized and efficient work environment

    Working Conditions:

    The working conditions will be those typical of a construction firm. The Sales and Marketing Administrator is required to move about the business, both indoors and out. Time will be divided among the office, outside functions, and other locations as necessary.

    Authority and Accountability:

    The Sales and Marketing Administrator receives authority from the Director of Sales and Marketing necessary to ensure the successful completion of all assigned job duties

    • Provide support and control of the marketing activities of the company to achieve sales goals, customer relations, market penetration, new and existing customer development, service diversification, and other goals of the sales & marketing department within company guidelines.
    • Assist in the development of marketing plans and campaigns, departmental budgets and policies and procedures to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of resources employed in the marketing of the company’s services.
    • To provide ongoing support to all members of the sales team by collecting, analyzing, expensing and summarizing all sales data of multiple divisions and products.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    Administrative Duties:

    • Complete administrative duties for the Sales and Marketing department including, but not limited to the following;
      • Answering the phones.
      • Greeting clients and vendors as they enter the building.
      • Sorting the mail and delivering to the correct department.
      • Ordering supplies for the department.
      • Keep communication flowing from the Sales and Marketing Department to the Operations department.
      • Delivering invoices and billings to the accounting department.
      • Making sure all expenses in concur are submitted on time.
      • Keep track and book conference rooms for the departments.
      • Maintain department calendar and provide updates on events.

    Sales and Marketing Duties:

    • Manage and coordinate marketing materials, web content and press releases.
    • Verify, maintain and manage branding standards between divisions.
    • Implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns.
    • Keep promotional materials (Brochures, apparel, etc.) updated and ready for distribution. Maintain running inventory and drive ordering of replacement materials.
    • Support marketing strategies set forth by the Director of Sales & Marketing.
    • Investigate new markets and opportunities based on industry trends when applicable.
    • Write and coordinate all social media and web based materials and press releases.
    • Set up, coordinate and attend conventions, seminars and other meetings to enhance professional knowledge and/or to promote M Bar C, as required.
    • Monitor the activities/actions of competitors in order to ensure the company is not caught unexpectedly of changes in market conditions or trends. Report and adjust plans accordingly.
    • Plan travel to, from and at events. (Flights, Hotels, Rental vehicles) Coordinate required attendees based on the events being attended.
    • Update and maintain marketing events calendar by division.
    • Assist in writing marketing and sales plans by division.
    • Manage marketing budgets by division as set forth by the Director of Sales.
    • Communicate monthly via Sales Reports the results of past marketing strategies by division.
    • Coordinate meetings regularly with other departments to ensure that sales information and branding flows throughout the company to ensure that company goals and objectives are achieved.
    • Stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and assist in updating the marketing plan accordingly.
    • Present marketing costs associated with campaign and how it fits into the budget for the division.

    Performance Criteria:

    The Sales and Marketing Administrator will be deemed to be performing in an acceptable manner when the following have been accomplished:

    • Lead Volume (Tracked by division) 10% annual increase in traffic on social media. Progress measured monthly.
    • Marketing budget is defined and met by department quarterly.
    • Increased brand engagement (Create 1 press release specific to each product and each division with release to the correct target market)
    • Press releases once a week on correct social media outlets.
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