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    Position: Project Administrator

    Scope of Position:

    1. The basic function of the Project Administrator (PA) is to provide administrative and coordinative support to the Project Manager (PM) in project start-up, project cost control, and project close-out procedures while working on multiple construction projects.
    2. To provide the necessary administrative support in internal initiatives of process developments and organizational improvements.

    Reporting Relationships:

    1. The Project Administrator reports directly to, and is fully accountable to the Senior Assistant Project Manager (Sr. APM). However, daily tasks will be assigned by the corresponding Project Manager.
    2. No positions report directly to the Project Administrator, but they must have harmonious and productive relationships with other internal departments – Operations, Preconstruction, Finance & Administration, Sales & Marketing, and divisions – M Bar C Renewable Energy, M Bar C Electric.

    Job Requirements:

    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to complete all areas outlined for this position in a satisfactory manner. Listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities necessary to meet the minimum job requirements. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    • Experience
      • Required – High School Diploma
      • Preferred – (2) years as a Project Administrator or other relevant experience
    • Skills, knowledge, and abilities
      • Excellent communication skills including speaking, writing, and listening, such that ideas and information are clearly conveyed and meaning is obtained.
      • Proficiency with computer software (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) for file creation, conversion, and consolidation, document and plan printout, Gantt chart creation, and calendaring.
      • Understanding and ability to perform basic math calculations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) as well as practical application of fractions, percentages, and measurements.
      • Ability to smoothly handle variety of situations and problems that may arise – sometimes several at once – and solve them, or work with others involved in order to come to cooperative solutions, while understanding time and budget constraints.
      • Skill in performing under the stress of frequent interruptions and/or distractions.
      • Skill in working independently and following through on assignments with minimal direction.
      • Ability to prioritize, organize, and complete assignments efficiently and accurately, adapting to shifting or competing work assignments and changes in workload.
    •  Physical
      • Must be able to work in an office, warehouse, and outdoor construction site environment.
      • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time.
      • Must possess a valid CA Driver’s License and be insurable by M Bar C.

    Authority and Accountability:

    • Accountable to Sr. APM to produce accurate project documentation and complete all duties as assigned by Sr. APM and PM(s) within set deadlines.
    • Authority to approve proper and acceptable invoices based on existing quotes, jobsite tickets and/or field daily reports.
    • Authority to issue Certificates of Insurance, Purchase Orders to vendors/ subcontractors, and Subcontract Agreements as needed.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    The primary functions of the Project Administrator are as follows:

    • Maintain Project (P) drive: create, organize, control, and update project files as needed.
    • Create project start-up files and populate new information onto PM Agenda, Project Schedule, and other tracking spreadsheets / task management programs. Keep files current and update as needed.
    • Provide an estimate of hourly breakdown for DAS 140 form submission as accurately as possible.
    • Support the PM(s) by creating the Project Handoff Work Sheet (PHWS) populating the cells applicable to PM, clarifying scope options, labor and equipment budgets prior to handoff meeting.
    • Coordinate, schedule, and prepare Project Handoff Meeting, documenting the discussion (actions, commitments, and agreements) through Project Handoff Meeting Minutes and distribute them among team members with a finalized PHWS. Follow up on any open items as needed.
    • Coordinate development of project specific details: Paint Color Selection, Paint Specifications, Concrete Mix Design, Shop Drawings, ensuring all information is available in time for project submittals.
    • Create and submit Project Submittal package for SEOR and contractor approval, ensuring all information is accurate and according to specifications and M Bar C standards.
    • Work with Safety and Quality personnel to ensure that both M Bar C and client safety requirements are met. Submit safety documents to contractor as required.
    • Prepare customer change orders by collecting information, reviewing, and presenting to PM for input. At PM direction, issue and process change orders in Foundation and P drive.
    • Assist with estimated change orders/adjustments to budget in Foundation.
    • Review and correct problematic invoices within 72 hours (3 business days) from receipt. Manage invoices placed on hold and obtain resolution within 30 days.
    • Participate in weekly Project Management meetings and substitute for PM as needed.
    • Share in managing M Bar C Master Project Schedule and PM Agendas by ensuring all information is accurate and up to date. Finalize M Bar C Project Schedule after each PM Meeting and distribute list to relevant parties internally and externally.
    • Schedule, prepare, and participate in job related meetings whenever practicable, documenting the discussion (actions, commitments, agreements) through minutes and distribute if necessary.
    • Responsible for document control ensuring that M Bar C is adequately protected in all areas of project documentation (change orders, work orders, job walk notes/photos, paint color selection, RFIs, submittals, email chains, etc.)
    • Share in proper close-out procedures and ensure sign-offs, quality control checklist, etc. are documented, signed, and filed. Support PM activities for warranty registration and O&M. Ensure proper P drive close-out of files.
    • Participate in post mortem/lessons learned meetings by taking detailed notes and following up on action items.
    • Attain general construction knowledge and ability to read and comprehend construction documents (contracts, specifications, construction drawings, etc.).
    • Assist in administrative tasks related to department initiatives, process developments, and general organizational improvements.
    • Prioritize assignments to complete work in a timely and accurate manner when there are: changes in workload, changes in assignment, pressures of deadlines, competing requirements.
    • Promptly and accurately perform tasks as assigned.
    • Promote M Bar C values both internally and externally at every opportunity, maintain collaborative team cohesiveness, and foster the atmosphere of teamwork.

    Performance Criteria: 

    The Project Administrator shall be deemed to be performing in an acceptable manner when the following have been accomplished:

    • 95% of project tasks assigned within Wrike (task management program) are completed on or before scheduled deadline.
    • 100% problematic invoices are reviewed, properly addressed and/or corrected, and sent back to AP within 72 hours (3 business days) from receipt. If invoices need to be placed on hold, 100% held invoices are resolved within 30 days.
    • 100% project submittals (to include safety documents, material specifications, and shop drawings) are submitted to the SEOR and and/or contractor at least 10 days prior to construction mobilization date.
    • 100% of estimated change orders/adjustments to budget are entered into Foundation after each month close prior to executive meeting report date.
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